winners of the 'Spirit of the Fringe' award at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe

Here is some more information about the four musicians who make up Bowjangles.

Ezme Gaze – cello

Ezme studied at the Purcell School of Music and the Royal College of Music.

She is one of the only cellists known to have completely altered her technique so she can move freely with her cello. The founder member of Bowjangles and the force behind it’s day to day running, Ezme has played at too many festivals and events to mention, been featured on TV and radio stations, held workshops and performed with bands and in theatre productions the world over.

When she is not performing with Bowjangles, Ezme runs and performs with ‘Classycool’, a collective of exciting string players. Ezme has 2 awesome children Star (16) and Otto (6), who are both budding trapeze artists with the London Youth Circus A&FIC.

Bertie Anderson

Bertie studied at the Purcell School of Music and the Royal College of Music, before completing an academic music degree at City University London.

Bertie specialises in physical based performance and is much in demand by groups of this genre. She also enjoys playing both early and modern music, regularly records with various bands and plays in the Lion King orchestra in London’s West End.

Bertie is also a composer and song writer and regularly performs and records with her swing folk band ‘The BeauBowBelles’. Bertie is also a highly acclaimed freelance singer. ‘One of the sexiest blues voices I have ever had the pleasure of revelling in’ Patrick Cogswell, Jazz Critic, HADCAF.

Mitch McGugan

Mitch started playing the violin when he was 4 years old. He gained scholarships to study at the Junior Royal Academy of Music and then the Royal Northern College of Music. In 2008 Mitch was delighted to be asked to audition for Bowjangles, and has never looked back!

As well as being a virtuosic violinist, Mitch is also an accomplished drummer specialising in Metal, and is a founder member of the melodic death metal band Karybdis. Mitch’s violin playing and musical arrangements can also be heard on Karybdis’ albums.

Mitch has played alongside such artists as Elbow and Amy McDonald, and when he is not gigging, enjoys walking his dog Ella and competing in National Badminton tournaments.

Ed Bruggemeyer

Ed began his musical training at the Brompton Oratory and completed it at Trinity College of Music, London.

Ed is a well respected street performer on the London circuit and beyond. As a result of his exhilarating performances in Covent Garden he has been invited to perform all over the world to perform at festivals and events, and has held many inspiring workshops for people of all ages who wouldn’t normally have access to classical music and instruments.

Ed is also a well respected actor-musician and has performed in various big scale stage productions from Shakespeare to panto!